The Team
  • Tyson Adams

    Founder & Philanthroper

    Combining his passion for philanthropy and entrepreneurship, Tyson began working to solve education and clean water projects in Laos three years ago.  Today, he continues to remind himself and others that clean water and education are human rights, not privileges.

  • Jackie Thao

    Country Manager, Roastmaster

    Growing up in Paksong as a coffee farmer, Jackie is a crucial piece of this operation.  Both fluent in English and Lao, Jackie provides the direct link between community involvement, development and acceptance.

  • Stacy La

    Creative Director

    Savvy in all things design and technology, coupled with a passion for humanitarian and philanthropic projects, it was only natural for Stacy to come on board early on in our existence. Stacy works on web, social networking and fundraising efforts.

Our Partners
  • Jhai Coffee Farmers Cooperative (JCFC)

    Home to 2240 families in 68 villages, the JFCF is a fair trading coffee cooperative in Paksong that has partnered with us to supply coffee and offer its facilities for tours. They are the direct beneficiaries of our programs and will be the first people impacted by our partnership.

  • MiiR

    Founded to provide clean water in developing nations, MiiR funded our first clean water well in 2011 at the Nong Panoung schoolhouse, which brought 852 people clean water.

  • Green Discovery

    The largest tourism company in Laos, Green Discovery is a strategic in country partner that will offer Jhai Coffee House tours and packages to help us connect to tourists in person.

  • Misfit, Inc.

    A nomadic creative consulting shop, Misfit worked with us to build out the strategic launch and web presence of our new coffee shop in Laos.

  • Paul Katzeff

    At 31 years old, Katzeff purchased a roaster and founded Thanksgiving Coffee, located in Fort Bragg, California.  Today, at 75, he is one of the most respected and renown roast masters in the world.  He has built fair trade, environmental and humanitarian practices into his business model.


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