What we do


Jhai Coffee House is the world’s first philanthropic coffee roaster and cafe dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty for a whole community of coffee farmers in Laos, whilst also addressing the country’s clean water crisis.

We exist because we believe that clean water is a human right, not a privilege.

Social Business

We are a social business that aims to change your concept of charity by going beyond the methods employed by traditional charities to lift entire communities on the Bolaven Plateau out of the devastating cycle of poverty.

Our model works through co-investment. We buy coffee beans from local farmers in the community for 25% above the Fair Trade price. We give farmers new tools and resources to grow the best possible coffee beans and roast them in-house at Jhai. Our cozy cafe serves this locally grown and roasted coffee to the local community, as well as to the hundreds of tourists that come to the area to visit the coffee farms each day.

We also offer tours so people can learn how we take our awesome coffee from bean to cup. 100% of the net profit that Jhai generates is then re-invested directly back into the community in the form of building clean water pumps and improving the health of Lao children through hygiene education projects.


In order to empower the community to be their own change-makers, we require them to invest 15% of the costs towards the first-time access water pumps and 50% towards the water filtration units. We want to break the cycle of dependency on handouts and create a sense of ownership and pride over the development of the community.


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