The Coffee

Jhai Coffee House’s buying philosophy is quite simple: we buy from the source, sell at the source, and reinvest the profits back into the source in the form of philanthropy.

Our coffee is sourced from the Jhai Coffee Farmers Cooperative (JCFC) located in Paksong Laos. The JCFC consists of 2240 families in 68 villages and is the only farmer owned organization in Laos. They grow predominantly robusta, Arabica catimor and Arabica typica coffee.

The coffee-making is wonderfully complex and we will be hands-on from tree to cup to ensure the quality of our coffee is second to none.

Beyond Fair & Direct Trade

Exceptional coffee quality is non-negotiable.


We strive for complete environmental sustainability in our farming techniques and will never use harmful chemicals in our coffee-making process.


We buy the coffee beans from our farmers at least 25% above the Fair Trade price.


100% of Jhai Coffee House’s net profits are returned to the growers in the form of clean water wells and hygiene education to support children’s health.


We require co-investment from the communities we help in order to empower them to break their own cycle of poverty by becoming partners in the community development.


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