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A crisis in laos
A crisis in laos

Laos has a clean water and sanitation crisis. We have a solution. Learn more.

Jhai Coffee House
Jhai Coffee Farmer’s Cooperative
Jhai Coffee Farmer’s Cooperative

The JCFC consists of 1400 families in 58 villages.  Our 2014 goal is to bring this entire community sanitary education and clean water.  Learn HOW.

Our Mission

Jhai Coffee House is the world’s first completely philanthropic coffee roaster & cafe located at the source.  All business profits are generated and then invested into children's sanitary education and clean water projects in the local Lao coffee growing community.

We believe clean water and sanitation are fundamental human rights; our mission is to help bring 1400 families on the Bolaven Plateau sanitary education and clean water by the end of 2014.


Our Progress

Five months ago, we landed in Paksong and began construction on Jhai's artisan cafe and roaster. Two months later, the cafe was open and we've been serving customers, making coffee and running plantation tours.



Follow our journey as we create the world’s first philanthropic coffee roaster.